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Supreme Court upholds 2010 health care law : August 2012 Newsletter

Supreme Court upholds 2010 health care law In a 5 to 4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled on June 28 that most of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 was constitutional. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion that rejected the individual insurance mandate under the commerce clause of the Constitution, but upheld it as part of Congress’s power to tax. In addition...

2012 Estimated Tax Payment Due June 15th : June 2012 Newsletter

Second 2012 estimated tax payment is due June 15 June 15, 2012, is the due date for making your second installment of 2012 individual estimated tax. Your check to the United States Treasury should be accompanied by Form 1040-ES. June 15 is also the due date for calendar-year corporations to make their second quarter 2012 estimated tax payment. IRS releases vehicle deduction limits for 2012 The...

Estate Planning: The Wrong Way With Minimum Effect

THE HISTORY: Roger and Mary Hunt, husband and wife, lived for many years in Carroll County, Tennessee with their only child Sue, where Roger operated a construction company with Sue assisting him in the operation of the business. During their lives together, the couple was able to amass a small estate of jointly held assets. Roger died intestate on October 5, 1983 leaving Mary the task of...

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