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Remote Access

We have the capability to access the client’s computer to assist them in the preparation of their financial statements, daily bookkeeping or to assist in answering questions that may arise by in-house personnel concerning these activities.  The items below describe briefly how the process works with Quickbooks.

Performing tasks on a remote computer

What it is

Quickbooks Remote Access

Quickbooks Remote Access

How often are you away from home and need to view some information on a home computer or transfer a file from a home computer to your laptop? Do you ever need to transfer some information from a customer’s computer to your local computer? Using QuickBooks Remote Access, you can perform these tasks from an internet browser from anywhere in the world.

What you need

  • a subscription to QuickBooks Remote Access
  • a fast internet connection
  • the QuickBooks Remote Access Agent installed on each remote computer

What you can do

  • View and update files and applications on a remote computer.
  • Print from a remote computer to your local printer.
  • Transfer files between your computer and a remote computer.
  • Manage and maintain your remote computer list.

Starting a support meeting and working with a customer

What it is

Start an instant support meeting from your QuickBooks Remote Access Web site and begin demonstrating solutions to your customer right away.

How often is actually showing something much easier than explaining it? Using QuickBooks Remote Access, you can start a support meeting and collaborate on either computer.

What you need

  • a subscription to QuickBooks Remote Access for hosting meetings.
  • a fast internet connection
  • invite your customer to join a support meeting
  • ask for permission to view or control an application or the entire desktop on the customer’s computer

What you can do

  • Take control of your customer’s mouse to control his or her QuickBooks application.
  • Pass control of your mouse to your customer to control your application.


Working on a Remote Computer

Now you can work on a remote computer from an Internet connection anywhere in the world. If your business requires it, you can set up multiple computers for remote access and manage and connect to them from your QuickBooks Remote Access Web site.

QuickBooks Remote Access secures all connections that you establish with a remote computer with a proprietary encryption format. All data that traverses the remote access connection—including screen images, file transfers, and keyboard and mouse input—is fully encrypted.


When you access a remote computer, you can:

  • use any type of Internet connection to work on the remote computer
  • work on files and applications on the remote computer
  • transfer files between the remote computer and your computer
  • print from the remote computer to your local printer
  • protect the remote computer and data from unauthorized access .
  • maintain security while you access the remote computer

What is the fast track to starting a Remote Access session?

  1. Install the QuickBooks Remote Access Agent on a remote computer.
  2. Start your Web browser and log in to your QuickBooks Remote Access Web site. A list of computers that you have set up for Remote Access appears. If the remote computer that you want to access is connected to the QuickBooks Remote Access Server, a Connect link appears.
  3. Click Connect, then provide your access code for the computer. You now control the computer remotely.

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